Innova Solar Colombia

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Advantages of Working With ISC

There are many reasons for becoming part of the solar energy revolution with ISC, but we will focus on some of the key motivators for the majority of our commercial and industrial clients:

Savings Possible reduction in electrical grid energy rates. Energy consumption is confined to hours of sunlight.
Security Clear projections of electrical energy prices and thus better budget planning for your business. In most cases, solar energy cost less than conventional electricity from the grid.
Sustainability Utilizing clean energy from renewable sources, while contributing to the improvement of the environment.


Why Does a System with ISC Make Sense?

In addition to the Savings, Security and Sustainability drivers, there are key elements that provide confidence and security to our clients that choose a solar solution for their business.

  1. No Investment by the Client

    Under the PPA model, clients make no investments for the execution of the project, which allows them to enjoy the savings from the first day of the commercial operation of the solar system.

  1. Improvements to your Business’ Competitiveness

    Energy traditional rates are volatile, and in Colombia they are affected by climate factors such as the El Niño phenomenon. An ISC PPA solution provides the peace of mind because the solar energy tariff has a fixed indexation, which contributes to better budget planning for your business. In addition, a PPA can be set at an energy price lower than the conventional electrical grid rate.

  1. Quality Standards

    Our commitment to quality is a fundamental principle in all of our projects. All designs and installations must comply with our strict standards before being approved. Once ISC inspects a system and it has been installed, we monitor its production 24/7, to guarantee optimal production for the duration of the solar energy supply agreement.

  1. Warranties

    We guarantee each solar system that we install with an integral warranty package that covers not only the value of the assets, but also maintenance and repairs for the duration of your solar energy supply agreement.