Innova Solar Colombia

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ISC creates, structures, and develops opportunities for both turnkey and PPA solutions.

We are very proud of our ability to develop strong local alliances, which is one of the key factors of our success.

Our in-house team, which has solid experience in the development and construction of solar energy projects, has structured an EPC platform based on criteria such as:

⁻ Response capacity

⁻ Quality of installations

⁻ Experience

⁻ Geographical scope

⁻ Commercial strategy

In addition, ISC has strong relationships with direct providers of PV modules, inverters and other critical components for solar systems, and has been instrumental in bringing the best in class components to Colombia.

ISC has an open-architecture platform because our team is always in contact with providers and manufacturers, discussing the optimal solutions and the latest innovations in the market, to guarantee the best quality and optimal energy production for our clients.